Insurance is the province of cavemen, gekkos, raccoons, pigs, and all sorts of mnemonic beings. Perhaps none are as iconic as the Aflac duck. For a few years, I helped manage this account, supervising all creative teams / development, broadcast production, editorial and finishing, as we launched new services like Aflac One Day Pay, and help steer them through the shoals of regulatory change. Here’s a few faves.

Without Aflac, these two grubbers are SOL. The duck wrangler had eight ducks. This one, who absolutely nailed his role of sitting on a boulder, was named Robert.

In this spot, the animatronic duck was masterfully controlled by four bad ass puppeteers. We cast the chubby guy because there’s always one chubby guy in every yoga class. The beet red expression and quivering was a plus. This spot got all-time highs on recall, branding, and brand linkage:

Aflac plays big in the college football realm, so these Heisman trophy sponsorship spots captured the duck once again doing his best to help out, but only being good at paying claims.