I’m a proud native of the Rust Belt, and the picturesque town of Gary, Indiana, right down the road from Chicago, where my mom was a Phd. Professor Emeritus of Nursing, and my father was a Civil Engineer / M.B.A. for U.S. Steel’s American Bridge Division. Once my idyllic youth of baseball, football, basketball, BMX biking, and climbing structures both natural and man-made ended, my dad handed me a Laborer’s Union Local 81 card. And a gate pass for “the big mill.”


Before I knew it, I was manning a shovel in the 120-degree temps of the blast furnace, a job I did every summer between college to fund my education. And after college, to fund other various and sundry activities. In fact, I accrued enough time as a laborer to get $92 each month when I’m 60. It’ll be the sweetest check I ever cash.

Once you run jackhammers, shovel slag and endure a 28-hour straight concrete pour, well, you learn things about life, and people, no classroom can ever reveal. Now I bring the sameĀ  tenacity and never-quit attitude to every job I’ve been lucky to have in the advertising world. Hire me and you’ll see what I mean.

Now, on to brass tacks:

After earning a double major in English and Telecommunications at Indiana University, I started my writing career in radio, crafting promos, spots, news, and comedy bits in Atlanta, where I graduated from Portfolio Center. From there, I moved to New York, where I’ve been based for over twenty years. Career highlights include pitching business with Jay Chiat, working on BMW, Citi, ESPN and tons of other great brands, freelancing steadily for over a decade, publishing some fiction, journalism and other wayward thoughts, playing in several bar bands, doing some voice over work, and winning a few shiny objects, too.

On a personal note, I’m am an avid off road motorcyclist, an open water swimmer and scuba diver, a drummer and bass player, and you should also know that it’s my dream to one day die with the tortoises on Galapagos. (There I said it.)

Thank you for looking at my work.